Riverside Entertainment Culture Eateries



Most of Riverside is in reality residential to one degree or another. In fact, I grew up in this neighborhood and rarely went outside of it. Even when I went downtown, it was mostly the Riverside and Bayside neighborhoods I went to school in, went to activities, or new people at. My friends resided pretty much in these two neighborhoods. A large part of the historic Hewitt Avenue is Riverside.


I will look to finding what entertainment and places to eat there are in Riverside. I know that they have added some nice restaurant bars down on the Riverside of Hewitt and will have to explore more there with this in mind.


Katana Sushi. Decent Sushi spot down by I-5 on Hewitt. I had dinner here though and was not impressed, but it is only because I do not like highly processed through it in the microwave meals passed off as authentic Asian. I would also like to add that their prices are pretty high for the quality of food compared to a couple of really nice places on Colby Avenue.

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