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Entertainment on Colby Ave

Everett Theatre. The number one place for entertainment I would say is the historical Everett Theatre located just south of Hewitt Ave. They provide a variety of shows for comedy, music, and many other types of things. The building is over 100 years old, built in the early 20th century. They provide snacks and beverages too. I believe they even serve alcohol for certain shows. The Everett Theatre is one of the last remaining key pieces of the old school culture in Everett. All entertainment on Colby (for whatever reason) is located on the east side of Colby. there is literally nothing for on the other side.

Pubs and Spirits

There are a few pub type places on Colby Ave as well between Everett Ave and Pacific Avenue (East side of Colby). There are a couple of new places that just opened the fall of 2023 that I have not had a chance to see what they are about, although, I seen the long months and months of work the owners were doing, so they are worth a further exploration.

Irishman. This is a pub and grill, with pretty good food at decent prices. Service is friendly and efficient.

Restaurants on Colby Ave

Colby Diner. The only place open for breakfast on Colby Ave is The Colby Diner. Back before 1980, people used to cruise Colby Ave with cars full of people on Friday and Saturday nights. This was the big thing to do for teens and younger adults for entertainment. The Colby Diner is an old school diner, with decorations all over the walls of the earlier years of Everett, in fact, it is very reminiscent of the days gone, the era of Colby cruisers. It has pictures all over the wall of hot rods from the era. The food is pretty good, with traditional style breakfast and its large portions. Definitely, Colby Diner has its own unique culture that screams historical culture of the 1950-1970s. I definitely recommend Colby Diner because it more than just a place to eat, it is an experience in the heart of Everett culture.

Botan Ramen n' Bar. This Japanese Restaurant is VERY good. The service and atmosphere is 10/10, as well as the food. The food is not processed food, but actually made there. And if it is not completely home cooked, the taste as well as my stomach was 100% fooled. I have not been to Japan unfortunately, but when you walk in the door, the way the place is furnished and decorated feels like you just stepped right into Japan. This place provides an experience in addition to the great food and service.

Kai Sushi Fusion Roll and Sake. I have not tried their whole menu because this is where I personally go for sushi and rolls. So far, I have not had better sushi anywhere in Everett. They are superior in quality, service, and prices compared to that place on east Hewitt Ave. I feel they could put more work into the atmosphere with decorations and furnishings, however, the friendly service makes up for it. In fact, now that I think about it, the service just might be why I do not notice the furnishings! I love going there. I also just now notice Sake in the name, but don't worry, never seen anyone drinking here or acting as though they had. I would not consider it a bar by no means, great family place.

El Paraiso Mexican Grill Everett. There is good and bad with this restaurant, and I will start with the good. The food is good but not excellent quite. It does have a great culture, with an older women making tortilla's just in side the entrance, an extremely nice and kind women. I do not know here name, but she makes the tortillas from scratch by hand, one at a time, very traditional old school Mexico. In fact, the best experience that is memorable is her. Now the bad. Once inside, most of the staff speak little to no English, with their English being limited to the menu it seems. In the event that you are asking a question they don't understand, they go into the kitchen and get the cook to help translate. This is where it gets BAD. On the two occasions that i was at this restaurant, the cook comes out, and is ready for an argument when all you are trying to find out was clarification on menu. The cook is mean, rude, and goes to great effort to completely destroy your experience and all but chases you out of the restaurant. If you are looking for alright food and do not try to be social, and order only from the menu by number item, you might be fine. I must also add that there are much better places to eat Mexican food than this place and with better service. The service will give you more heartburn than the food. It got so bad the last time, that I asked for the check, paid, and left most of the uneaten food on the table. Although Elparaiso is on Colby Ave, it is on the corner of Colby and California Ave.


Colby and Hewitt Avenue have the concentration of Everett's culture. Most of the culture of yesteryear on Colby is gone with the exception of the Historic Everett Theatre. However, they have added a lot of new type of culture that is unique but similar to the best areas of Fremont, Ballard, Wallingford, and Roosevelt in Seattle. I often have said it has a Ballard Fremont vibe. You will find a traditional barber, art exhibit shop, comedy club entertainment and music at the theatre, wine and other type pubs as well as office buildings. The nightlife though is primarily on Hewitt and Everett Ave. Most of Colby is closed by 5:00 p.m. with the exception of places to eat and more recently drink. It will take further review of some of the more recently opened pub type places to get the full picture.

Colby Ave has a lot of places to eat that are unlike each other, although I would classify most of them as eateries. I have not eaten at every single place, but there are some that are better than others in regards to quality of food and service as described above. Regardless, the large number and variety of places to get a bite is very nice for those living, working, or both in downtown Everett. Colby Avenue has a diverse culture of food and art as well as other specialty type of places.

Colby has a culture of arts too. There are many bronze sculptures scattered in Everett, with Colby Ave and Hoyt Ave having plenty of those and shops that are dedicated to the arts. You can find performing arts on Wetmore Ave between California Ave to  Everett Ave


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