Entertainment Eateries Culture of Bayside Everett



Waterfront contemporary culture. There is not really any old history left on the waterfront, for most of the life is newer construction that is barely more than 35 years old.


There are breweries and other spirts to get at the waterfront. I am assuming there is entertainment too. I know they have seasonal concerts as well. I will need to explore to get your more.


Anthony's HomePort Everett. This restaurant back when it opened in the 90s I believe was the best by far the finest restaurant in Everett. Spectacular food, great experience and service inside. Some of the restaurant is even better because the tables were positioned right by the windows with a fantastic front row seat view of the sound. I will soon be going down there to explore it again, for I have not been there in 32 years or more. I will report back!

There are a lot of places to eat down on the waterfront now. I plan to get through them one by one and report back with my review. I am sure some will be better than others. For me personally in regards to the food, I prefer restaurants that have less processed foods.




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