Wetmore Culture Eateries Entertainment

There are not that many places on Wetmore for entertainment or food, but what you find will occupy a large area.


Village Theatre - Cope Gillette Theatre. I have yet to review this location. However, they have plays and other shows/entertainment at their location. They are located on the Wetmore Avenue and California Avenue. On the outside, they have have a lot of sculpture art and other types of art. During good weather there is even a piano outside that as you pass by you and stop and pluck on. Although more than one entity, the theatre/theatres are the entire block from California Ave to Everett Ave, and from Wetmore Ave to the Ally going west. On the outside it is quite beautiful, and full of a lot of sculpture are in the plaza.

Funco. More than a toy store, it is an entertainment destination for children. I have never been inside, so no review first hand. However, Funco is kind of famous with the collectable toys. Funco is located in the old Bon Marche (later bought by Macy's). If you have never been there, it is on the corner of Wetmore and California, and so big you can not miss it. An interesting tidbit of information is that in the this intersection 65 years or so ago, there was a totem pole, a real one located in the intersection. The totem pole was later moved up to the restaurant on 44th and Evergreen Way.

Restaurants and Food

18Eleven Restaurant. Although this is technically on Everett Avenue, it is still located on the Wetmore Avenue's corner of Everett Ave. This restaurant not only has great food and service, the atmosphere is the overwhelming experience. This restaurant also has a live music on the 2nd floor, a nightclub like atmosphere with dancing sometimes on Fridays and Saturdays. This is not your typical nightclub type of thing, it is done with class, more of a ball room hybrid night club with really good music to match the quality of the restaurant. I cannot say enough about this restaurant and plan to post some pictures later with more review. In short, this restaurant by far is the best in all of Everett hands down. This restaurant easily falls under the culture and entertainment section as well.


I find the culture of Wetmore very interesting, but in many ways sad because of the way the new erased years the past. Anyone under 30 probably does not remember The Bon March, which has been long since gone. The Bon Marche was a Nordstrom like store, but with it older beginnings and completely different culturual vibe. Now it is a huge collectable specific type of toy store, Funco.

The Village Theatre though presents a new type of culture of performing arts and does Wetmore Ave real justice. As does the 18 Eleven Restaurant. Where the Village brings the arts culture to Everett, the 18Eleven combines the culture of a classy restaurant with the nostalgic culture of historic Everett's beginnings. I would definitely recommend the walk past the theatre to the 18Eleven restaurant.

Although the restaurant is rather deceiving on the outside in the 100 year old building it is located in, it is mind blowing while walking through the entrance and into the restaurant area. This establishment seamlessly meshes Everett's historical history and culture with a new contemporary one.

Wetmore now, has a collectables theme between Hewitt and California Avenues, then arts when you head further north, ending with an absolute gem of an establishment with the 16Eleven on Everett Ave.


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