Downtown Everett Eateries Entertainment Culture

Below are links and a little information as to the purpose of the links below to web pages about the places to eat and other entertainment and culture (shops) in Downtown Everett. In fact, I will be adding reviews to the can't miss places to visit.

Types of Restaurants and Great Places to Eat

In the downtown area of Everett, there are a large variety of places to get a bite. The eateries I would include places to get a decent fast breakfast or lunch, such as teriyaki and taco places. Then you have the finer dining type restaurants with their unique menus, and self created foods (I myself put good sushi places in this categories).

I have broken down where the eateries are at by street and provided links below. I have created a page for each street not just to provide what it is and where it is at, but I have gone to these places and provided my own opinion and personal review of what I think about the food, environment, service, and overall cultural vibe of the establishment.

Entertainment in Downtown Everett

Downtown Everett has theatres, pubs, live music, shows, sports games, dancing, fine restaurants, and even places for children to learn, be entertained, and visit. There are many place opening or that have opened that have live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

California Avenue. Front and center is Prime Fades Barber Shop.

Colby Avenue. It has many of the best sources of entertainment and spirits similar to Hewitt Avenue. There is still just enough of historic Everett on Colby to retain the cultural feel of a very old city.

Everett Avenue. You can find the best restaurant in Everett as well as entertainment in the same spot. Check out my review for the 16Eleven.

Hewitt Avenue. Hewitt has restaurants, eateries, live music and dancing, and an Arena. Hewitt is the day and nightlife of Everett. If you work in downtown, your lunch and coffee drinks is Kel's, hands down.

Hoyt Avenue

Rockefeller Avenue. Has a lot of the culture left over from the 70s and 80s vibe as well as some historic buildings. It seems that Covid did what was intended with the lockdowns, eliminated a lot of small business in this area as well as others leaving a lot of vacancies where landmark business had been for decades.

Rucker Avenue. Rucker has no culture to speak south of Pacific Avenue. In fact, not really anywhere to eat or anything either. If you are to find anything, it would be between Pacific and Everett Avenue.

Wetmore Avenue has a lot of arts you don't want to miss between California and Everett Avenues.

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