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Entertainment and Things to Do

The Independent Beer Bar. I know that this is a popular watering hole, for it has large glass windows on the Hewitt and Rockefeller sides (mostly on Rockefeller. Although technically it has a Hewitt address, it is on the corner of Hewitt and Rockefeller. I have yet to go in and see what's what, but as the name suggests, they serve a lot of beer. I suspect it is a bar and grill type of place.

There is also a dance studio, martial arts school, and choreography studio on the same block of Rockefeller between Hewitt and California. There are a lot of open empty spots as well. Other than this block, everything else is pretty much been torn down for new and taller structures. More exploration is planned later on this area.


The only culture to speak of is the renovated but yet still very historical building that the Beer Bar is located on the 1st floor of. The bar does look like it has a lot of regulars, a Cheers environment possibly. There is a culture of acitivities with the sport and dance studios. I will need to take a better look because it seems there is more to that street than just this.


There appears to be no food related stores, and really nothing else except the courthouse area.


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