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First, a Little History

It  is a difficult to know where to start on Hewitt Ave with so many diverse things to do and places to eat. As a kid back in the 70s, you could easily describe Hewitt. You had Jack's Restaurant west of Colby along with many shops and small restaurants (more hole in the wall places), then east of Colby ave was the notorious "Hewitt Run", or more accurately, the "Hewitt Crawl".

Hewitt was known in the day for its bars and taverns, with pretty much a stream of them for the beginning of Hewitt west of Colby all the way past the I-5 bridge, which was the  bottom of the barrel. There was only a couple of places that did not look like skid row.

Jack's Restaurant on the other hand had the best sandwiches I have ever eaten. I have never had even close to that good since. Not just a sandwich place, but a true restaurant, with great food of all types traditional American.

Places to Get a Bite

There are a few nice restaurants and eateries where you can get grab and go or sandwiches and other premade items.

Vintage Cafe. This is a nice restaurant to get breakfast for sure. They have average prices, very good quality with great portions. They can get a little busy when they are open. The only downside is the service is average and there are days and times that would expect them to be open that they are not. I believe the lack of days and hours has to do with Covid recovery from the shut downs. So many iconic places in the area are gone forever due to the ill advised lock downs. It is nice that this place survived. Other than the Colby Diner, this place is a decent second place for downtown breakfast. In fact, I believe they are the only two.

Eateries. I consider the likes of Subway and Taco Del Mar eateries, not even close to being restaurants. Just another form of fast food. However, they should not be grouped with the likes of Jack in the Box, which has become not so editable. Regardless, they serve fast affordable processed food. If you like Rosarita brand refried beans, that is exactly what you get at Taco Del Mar because I have watched them unload crates of them into the shop. Friendly service in both places. There are no other eateries on Hewitt worth mention at this time. I will visit them all and report back. Funny how Rosarita calls them self authentic, but it comes out of a can. It is processed and processed some more.

High Quality Restaurants

Lucas Italian Restaurant. This is an actual restaurant, high quality homemade Italian with exceptional atmosphere and service. Lucas has authentic Italian food, this is not a processed food restaurant, making their own sauces. I am not saying there is no processed food in their dishes, but it is clear that is limited if at all because you cannot tell. The services is a 10/10. From the moment you step inside, you feel as though you have walked into Italy. The owner has taken prideful effort to every detail, from the bar to the tables and their spacing. I have to say, his effort and result to creating the atmosphere is a 10/10 also. The staff and resulting service? Solid 10/10. Lucas is more than just a real restaurant, it is an experience as well. You will definitely have a good time, and it is one of the best places for date night with affordable pricing for the all round solid quality.

Sabaijai Thai. This appears to be a very nice and popular restaurant from the outside, and I definitely plan to go there. From the outside, the entire large front window area rolls up, exposing the nearby tables and entire restaurant to an open air environment. You will see the window rolled up (like a garage door kind of) during warmer and dry times of the year. From that view, it appears to often have no seating left with the place being quite full of people. I assume the food is really good given the amount of people that are in there.

There are two other places I am not listing until I visit them. The one seems promising, the other from the outside looks like a buffet type restaurant as far as vibe, just not upscale. Time will tell.

Coffee and other Specialty Drinks

Kel's. This place has the best coffee, best service, and best prices in the Downtown Everett if you are looking for coffee and other smoothie types of drinks. Kel's will be open by the end of February or March of 2024. I had the privilege of a pre-opening tour, and I have to say, I am very impressed with what I experienced and seen. Initially, this will be a coffee shop. As they ramp up this spring, will include a variety of convenient pre-prepared food for breakfast and lunch.

Kel's will also have their own personal delivery service for orders to the Snohomish County Courthouse as well as other business in Downtown Everett area. Later, there will be a variety of special weekend Saturday and Sunday night food events. They will also be working the Angle of the Winds Event Center schedule into what is being offered for those attending the events on those days with an emphasis on easy to grab covenant meals for the kids and family.


Hewitt Avenue is where the bulk of all types of entertain reside on or near. There is several places with live music, dancing, pool halls, and other types of entertainment.

The Black Lab. They have a bar and live music on Fridays and Saturday. During the summer months this is a very popular spot and more prevalent because the sound of the music flows out the open door. Definitely one of Everett's hot spots.

Lucky Dime. Another hotspot for music and drinks. Although I have yet to visit these places because the crowd is a lot younger than I, they seem to both be equally popular, with lines outside to get in at the Dime at times. So, maybe the Dime is a little hotter, depending on the day. I believe the Dime has pool tables, making it a day spot too.

Angel of the Winds Arena. They hold a lot of different kinds of events. There is something for everyone, professional bull riding, rodeos, country music, the Silvertips, children shows, gun shows, major league table tennis, Sesame Street Live and many other shows.

Farmers Market. Open Sundays beginning in the spring and running into October. They shut off all traffic to Wetmore from Hewitt to Pacific. Food, entertainment, and sometimes even live music. Everett routinely has street shut down events on Hewitt west of Colby, even on Hoyt for the art show, all within walking distance (easily) of Hewitt Avenue. Food trucks, garden items, crafts and gifts, it has it all. It has a carnival feel. Keep an eye out for the events as they come up during the good weather months.


Much of Hewitt Avenue comes from the historical beginnings of Everett's buildings, much of which remains in place. The culture now is mixed well with the historic history of Everett, with buildings being built early 20th century and some even earlier. From Colby Avenue to Broadway, you have a game store, music store, eateries, restaurants, a full service Starbucks like coffee shop, and several places that serve alcohol with live music. On Friday and Saturday nights you can hear the music coming from several places between Wetmore and Oakes on Hewitt Avenue.

You will find magic stores, comic book stores, tarot card readings, a hair solon, antique and collectables store, and many other shops. At the bottom of downtown Hewitt Ave is the Angel of the Winds Events Arena where the Silvertips play as well as a multitude of other events, including more music and other live shows.

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