Rucker Ave Culture Entertainment Eateries

Rucker turns into Evergreen Way, which turns into Highway 99. Is there downtown food, entertainment, or things to do on Rucker?


There is supposed to be 3 different coffee shops between Pacific and Everett Avenues on Rucker, but I can't seem to remember seeing them. Two of them advertise that they also have grab and go snacks. More on this later.

El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant. I have not yet been into this place, but it looks worth checking into from the outside of it. I suspect it is like a chain type quality, but time will tell.


Unless you consider Pops Skateboard place entertainment, there is absolutely nothing that I have seen at this time.


There may be an old building, but Rucker did not survive the demolition to old buildings before they jump in and stopped it by putting many on the historic list. If you were to tag this street area with a culture, it would be services based with not one old business left from 30 years ago. They are all gone from what I can see. I consider Rucker the most west street of Downtown Everett. I personally feel that they need to do a better job going forward to make this more a part of the downtown with some more restaurants and place with entertainment.

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