North Everett Entertainment Eateries Culture


There is a plural theme of culture in North Everett, with each neighborhood not being like the other. Most of North Everett is residential, but it still has areas to see, eat, play, and experience.

Downtown Everett. Some of the best places to experience food and entertainment are the North Everett Downtown area. Likewise with culture, much of the downtown area is historic in nature with structures more than 120 years old. The culture is one of history, food, and the arts with a readily available night life as well on Hewitt and Colby Avenues.

Bayside. From 19th to Hewitt Ave, from Broadway going west to the sound. The places to go are either the downtown area which is partially in Bayside, or the waterfront. There nothing in between but residential areas.

Port Gardner. This neighborhood has a lot of residential. To its north it has a stepped border that butts up against Bayside and Riverside boundaries. Like Riverside, it goes to the Snohomish River to the east, then stretches out to the sound. Its southern border extends from I-5 area up 41st and into Forest Park.

Riverside. This neighborhood gets its name because it borders the Snohomish River to the east, Broadway to the west, and sits between 19th (like Bayside) and Pacific Ave. It does not include any of the downtown area, but it definitely has its own unique history and culture.


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