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16Eleven. There really is not a lot going on on Everett Avenue. However, there is the 16 Eleven. This restaurant is the most up scale place in Downtown Everett for eating. They boast a live piano player after 7:00 p.m. The service is a 10/10, and the food is more reasonably priced than what you would expect when walking in the door. Located in a historical building that has been brilliantly renovated, it has its own unique culture vibe unmatched anywhere in Everett. Very high ceilings, furnished and decorated to set an atmosphere with the piano player, creating its own unique culture. In fact, the cheapest thing on the menu is fish and chips, which are incredible and only $20. You can eat this meal for the same price as a meal at the Jack in the Box down the street with an atmosphere and service that is extraordinary, cultured, just simply BRILLIANT. I promise, as you go through and get seated, you wonder why there is not a cover charge just to come in and look. More than just great food, this place is an experience that requires no ticket.

Eateries. You don't have much, other than the Jack in the Box and McDonalds down on Broadway. The McDonalds is typical, but the Jack in the Box is horrible, where I ate several times before giving up because of the terrible quality in preparation of the food. I mean, the quality of fast food in general has plummeted since 2020, as has the already horrible service. This particular Jack in the Box is the worst of the worst, soggy gray burgers with so much mustard on it that it is without exaggeration not eatable. It seems these days that the service is not just bad but unbelievable a total fail. Fast food workers cannot speak English usually, the orders are never complete or correct, and the quality of food is so bad it is really hard to describe, let alone eat. I would not feed fast food to your animals, it is not good for them as far as any of the burger joint franchises. Yet, minimum wage is skyrocketing, resulting in prices that are ridiculous. A burger that was less than $2 four years ago is now $6, and is NOT the same quality. The bread is not even bread, I have no idea what they replaced the meat with, and condiments are overused to cover up these facts.

Culture Entertainment is the 16Eleven

I can not say enough about the 16Eleven. Great food? Check. Great prices for the quality of the food? Check. Great service? Check. And culture? Oh my god the culture is purely original. Never seen anything like this before. From the greeter to the wait staff, from the bull bar help, how it is furnished, the atmosphere, to the 2nd floor live music dance floor. Even the walk to the 2nd floor is like going back in time. I was so impressed that I would not have been surprised if they sold tour packages. This may be the only place downtown like this, and it is easily overlooked because it is kind of not downtown because most consider downtown stopping on the south side of Everett Avenue. However, the 16Eleven is a game changer and have single handedly extended the downtown. Described in two words, beautiful and extraordinary. This will soon be a reservations only establishment that has raised the bar so far that it may very define the culture of downtown Everett.

Performing Arts can be found along your walk between Everett and Hewitt Ave on Wetmore Ave. They have performing arts theatres as well as shops where they sell peoples arts and crafts on Hewitt Ave.



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