Hoyt Ave Things to Eat and do Culture

Hoyt just does not have much to offer, it never has really. Even historically, most of the buildings were gone long ago, it has never been a place to go. It is kind of simply a street between a couple of other streets.


Imagine Children's Museum. Seems the theme is playful learning. They call it a kids museum. Not sure what all it entails, but they have a roof top play ground and many things to explore that are learning based. Memberships are available. This building is multiple floors and takes up nearly the entire block.


Their is an eatery across the street from the post office that has teriyaki and burgers. I have been there twice, not impressed either time. Hoyt has never really had much on it for food.


The only thing I could consider culture is the public library which has been there forever. However, with the internet, libraries do not have much to offer anymore.


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