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Funco. I am not sure where this place really fits, toy store, collectable store, entertainment for children? All I know is last summer people were sitting out there all night to get first grab at something, they wrapped 3 blocks or better out. I have seen people going in with small children, and the children seemed excited to go in. Bobble heads? I have no idea, maybe someday I will take a look. There is also a comic book store with Funco a Funco sign in the window on Hewitt ave.

Village Theatres. There are two of them. I am uncertain if the one is on California or Wetmore, both really. The other one in the same complex (that is full out outside art). They seem worth exploring regardless. They take up from the ally to Wetmore, and from California to Everett Avenue pretty much. They even had an outdoor piano set there last summer of 2023.

Prime Fades Barbershop. Oh, definitely worth an honorable mention. They are not food, they are not an eatery. They are not simply high quality service (great haircuts), which they ARE. They were straight up entertainment! The guys that own and work there, I cannot wait to go back and see them! The banter, the comradery, the conversations, just a hell of a time. The immediately make you one of the guys. Everyone of them had a sense of humor that flat cracked me up. I cannot believe the hair cut turned out so perfect for how much the had me laughing. These guys are cards to say the least. Just imagine getting a hair cut Robin Williams while at Pike Street Market when they are throwing the salmon, but transplanted into Ballard. Oh, the prices are very fair and reasonable of which the quality of their product exceeds. To be honest, I do not believe these guys even know how good they are or how entertaining.


El Paraiso Mexican Grill Everett. I already gave my review on the Colby Ave page. However, in the event that you are on California, avoid this place at all costs. This restaurant/eatery is the poster child, the icon on your desktop example of HORRIBLE service. They are purely offensive.


Other than the theatres, I do not know of anything else on California that qualifies as culture. There is however the old YMCA building, which is historical, and a huge Volunteers of America office complex down on Lombard. Other than that, nada.

California is a side street, which makes it more difficult to change the them or culture when most of the things there are large, like parking garage and Volunteers. I Have not really paid any attention to what is west of Colby that I may be overlooking, so expect an update this spring. The only side street of real importance is Hewitt, which is of great importance.


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